Sunday Nights at Rome are special! We use them to dive deep into some subjects we don't usually talk about. These lessons are designed to help as you study the Bible on your own.

On the 1st Sunday night of each month we talk about People, Places and Things. These lessons will bring the character or place we're studying to life for you so the next time you come across this person, place or thing in your own study it will be a much richer study because you go into the passage knowing a little something about it.

One the 2nd Sunday night of each month we read thru an entire book of the Bible. We provide some background on the book, who wrote it and from where and when it was written and then delve into the book making comments along the way as we try to discern the overall message of the book.

One the 3rd Sunday night of each month we spend our time together singing praise to God. Anytime we enter His Presence we should come with a sense of awe. There's something about singing that reminds us of His glory and majesty.

On the 4th Sunday night of each month the congregation submits questions and our minister will provide answers from the Bible. Questions may be submitted through Facebook Messenger or put in the Questions box in the foyer.

Questions & Answers

There are several verses that indicate that after I’m saved if I continue to sin, which I will (Rom. 3.23), that it will be worse for me than before I was saved (2 Peter 2.20, Hebrews 10.26). Can you explain how that works? 

 Explain how the Holy Spirit was given to different people in different ways in the 1st century. 

 Where do I start studying with someone who doesn't believe the Bible is from God?

Antioch of Syria

Have you ever ran across a city as you're reading your Bible and you just knew nothing about the place outside the name you just read? On one Sunday night at Rome each month we talk about People, Places and Things to help you connect the dots. This lesson will give you some insight into the city of Antioch of Syria