American culture values familiarity. We like people we can sit down and have coffee with. We like being comfortable around each other. There's a sense in which this is true of our relationship with God. He can be very close to us and thanks to the blood of Christ He can be our friend, but there's another sense in which we should stand totally in awe of Him. That's the component we've lost and it's effected us in way we don't even understand! This series will attempt to bring us into His Presence in an effort to recapture the awe of God.

Transcendence and Imminence 

Since the beginning of time people have struggled with how to view God. Is He close to me? Certainly the Bible pictures Him as Father and friend to His people. This close relationship has bred familiarity in us though and so we don’t always view God with the necessary awe. This lesson gives a quick overview of these two terms

What's the Best Thing That Has Ever Happened to You?

In Exodus 19 when God meets with man for the first time since the Garden of Eden the people are in awe of God. In Exodus 33 when Moses meets with God the people prostrate themselves in worship as His Presence stands at the door of the tent of meeting. What can we learn from them and how does the coverings for the Tabernacle play into that?