In Ephesians 4 God talks about only having one church. In the rest of the New Testament He tells us what that church should look like. In this series we're reviewing how one can get into that church, how that church should worship God, how we remember Jesus' death, how everyone can function within this church and how it should be organized. Our goal is to restore our church to that model. 

The videos

Where's The Band? Why We Don't Worship With Instruments

Did you know that for the first 1,250 years of Christianity the norm in every church was to worship completely acapella? When instruments finally made their way into the Catholic church in the 1300's they didn't last long. In the 1500's the reformers booted them out of their churches and it wasn't until the late 1800's that instruments were common in worship in Protestant churches. Why did it take so long for instruments to come into churches? Listen in to find out!

Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation?

Do I really have to be baptized to be saved? There at least two examples from the Old Testament that might help us understand what God blesses. What can you learn about baptism from Naaman, a foreign army general and from Israel's battle with Jericho? Listen in to find out! 

Common Questions About Baptism

Does the Bible ever link baptism with salvation? Does the Bible ever indicate that baptism is more than church membership or a public proclaimation of my committment to Jesus? Isn't baptism just a work? I'm saved by grace...right? Weren't babies in the New Testament?  These are some of the questions we try to answer in this lesson. The goal is to answer these questions from the Bible not necessarily what I've heard in the past.