Rome has a very active youth group led

by David Travathan

Rome Church of Christ Youth Ministries:

Our mission is

  1. to intentionally lead young people to know God – the only true God – infinitely glorious and worthy of our worship as He has revealed Himself in the Scripture;
  2. to equip our youth with a knowledge of the Scriptures to become more like Christ;
  3. to purposefully reach out to unsaved youth with the Gospel; and
  4. to support parents as the primary disciple-makers of children in their homes.
We will do this
  1. by emphasizing sacrificing, Christ-like relationships;
  2. by emphasizing Spirit-led Christian service in the church and community;
  3. by creating an exciting and fun youth environment through a variety of activities; and
  4. by providing avenues for our youth to grow in spiritual development and leadership potential.


Youth Photos